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Stepped Pyramid at Saqqara

Egypt’s first and oldest pyramid is that of pharaoh Djoser, designed by the renown architect, high-priest and physician, Imhotep. The stepped pyramid is enclosed in a funerary complex that doubled as a place for...


Amr Ibn Al-As Mosque

As the first mosque in Africa, the Amr Ibn Al-As mosque is the symbolic start of the forced conversion of predominantly Christian North Africa to Islam. Although it might be difficult to judge this...


Sultan Hassan Mosque

Off the square of Saladin are the Mameluke mosque and madrassa of sultan Hassan. Nearby is also the equally impressive Rifa’i mosque within which rest Egypt’s Kings and the last Shah of Iran. The...


A Timelapse of Egypt

Abdelrahman Gabr does it again! His Egypt HD timelapse showcases Egypt’s beaches, night skies, and archaeological sites. Few will have the privilege of seeing the night sky in the Egyptian desert. However, the lucky...


Pyramid of Unas at Saqqara

Saqqara is much more than the pyramid complex of pharaoh Djoser. The nearby funerary pyramid and mortuary temple of Old Kingdom pharaoh Unas is perhaps equally as important. Although only a fraction of the...


Pyramid of Khafre

The pyramid of Khafre, that of Khufu’s son and heir, appears to dominate the Giza Plateau when in fact it isn’t the tallest. The illusion is optical in its entirety. The interior of the...