Who are we?


Egyptian Sidekick is many things. It is a blog, a non-profit organization, a tour organizer, and a network for alternative travel to Egypt. Above all, Egyptian Sidekick is a community of English-speaking Egyptian university students, local guides and their international friends, working to revolutionize travel to Egypt.

At Egyptian Sidekick, we pride ourselves on facilitating sightseeing and cultural experiences in-and-around Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt, providing maximum flexibility for all travelers at a low, flat daily rate.

The Motto of our fair-tourism network is: Complete Supervision, Unlimited Travel, Unlimited Sightseeing, and 24-Hour Availability. These four points are understood literally, and are the terms of service with Egyptian Sidekick.

Although we operate primarily in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan in Egypt, our fair-wage network has no plans for expansion into Siwa in the Western, Sahara Desert, or to the Sinai peninsula.


We are a non-profit, fair-wage tourism network, designed to engage young Egyptian university students, local guides, and communities in Egypt’s largest sector. It is our goal to provide all those involved with a fair-return on work provided. No more than 6% goes to the site for upkeep, with the rest going straight to those Egyptians actually doing the hard work on the ground.Milosz Zak

Egyptian Sidekick means to connect young Egyptian university students, local guides, and well-rounded locals on the ground with travelers who are looking for maximum flexibility for their itineraries, efficient transportation between over 100 different touristic sites in-and-around Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt. All of this is meant to ensure the most meaningful use of time on the ground, and to evade unpleasant situations from touts, and unscrupulous mass-tourism operators.

We guarantee a stress-, hassle- and worry-free time. There are no unsolicited sales pitches, detours to shops with machine-made arts-and-crafts, and most importantly – we strongly discourage your participation in Egypt’s culture of tipping over and above the price of service. Read about, “Why Baksheesh is Bad“.

Our goal is to provide a professional, culturally-sensitive, and a stress-free touring experience at a great, yet fair, price both to the Egyptian Sidekick, his or her prearranged driver, as well as to yourself – and at a truly international standard. Your are the hero of your travels, and our local Sidekicks are Egypt’s ambassadors, who aim to make your next Egyptian adventure one to remember.


Egyptian Sidekick is a Canadian-Egyptian networking initiative putting in touch Egyptians with discerning travelers set to experience Egypt and its wonders beyond the din of the mass tourism model. If you want to travel on your terms, have complete freedom, and experience Egypt from a multitude of perspectives, you will not be disappointed.Jan Zak

We provide Airport and Train Station Transfers, Full-Day and Half-Day Tours in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, and Full-Day excursions to Alexandria, Dendera and Abydos. If you find a lower price offered anywhere online, show it to us, and we’ll beat it. We are just that confident in the professionalism and competitiveness of what we can offer independent travelers.

You can choose the sites you wish to visit each day, select an appropriate prearranged itinerary on our website, or let your Sidekick come up with one for you. At most it is realistic to visit 7 separate sites a day since most open at around 8:00 AM and close at around 4:30 PM every day.

Instead of prepaying upfront, you pay your Sidekick and driver at the end of each day. This way, the individuals doing the actual work on the ground receive the majority of the money. All we need are your travel details, a rough idea of what you would like to see and do while in Egypt, and a time that works best for a rendezvous with your Sidekick at your hotel or hostel lobby.










If you are thinking of becoming a contributor, administrator, driver, or even a Sidekick, please see the Join Us section. Our current focus is Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt. We do not intend to expand to the Siwa oasis or to the Sinai Peninsula.

Eventually, it is our goal to expand beyond Egypt, to countries like Jordan, India, Brazil and the Russian Federation, where barriers such as language, alphabet, transportation, popular customs and difficult navigation can be easily overcome with the inexpensive help of an English-speaking Sidekick chaperone.

Each and everyone on the development team at Egyptian Sidekick are dedicated to professional, informative, and transparent service, and are always happy to receive feedback. We hope you won’t hesitate to get in touch, and will follow us as we work to revolutionize tourism in-and-around Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt.

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