The Team


Egyptian Sidekick was developed by a diverse crowd of traveled university students, local guides, and international friends. We empower local Egyptians interested in assisting travelers in their adventures in Egypt.


A ‘Sidekick’ is an English-speaking student chaperone, or local guide who coordinates the transportation logistics, lends language and transaction support when necessary, and accompanies you during your Egyptian adventure. Egyptian Sidekicks are responsible for finalizing itineraries.

If you are an English-speaking Egyptian university student, or local guide interested in becoming a Sidekick as part of our non-profit, fair-wage travel network, please see the Join Us section for more details.


Lower Egypt includes the capital Cairo, Giza on the West Bank of the Nile, Dahshur, Saqqara and Memphis, as well as the Fayoum Oasis located further South. Alexandria on the Mediterranean is covered through day trips from Cairo. Your Sidekick and driver will accompany you throughout.

BCommerce, Foreign Trade
Helwan University
Egyptian Sidekick Since 2013

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BCommerce, Business Administration
Cairo Worker’s University, Al-Azhar University
Egyptian Sidekick Since 2014

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BAH, English Literature
Cairo University
Egyptian Sidekick Since 2014

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Upper Egypt includes Luxor, the fantastic temples of Dendera and Abydos North of Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt’s Nubia. The temples of Abu Simbel located on Lake Nasser are toured through a day trip from Aswan. Your Sidekick and driver will accompany you throughout.

BA, Tourism & Hotels | Tour Guide License
Minya University, Upper Egypt
Egyptian Sidekick Since 2015

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…freedom, cost-savings and rich experiences which come with engaging locals in independent travel…Chris Upton

Many of us on the development team originally traveled to Egypt on structured tours, experiencing the mass tourism industry first-hand; evaluating its strengths and weaknesses as a model for tourism. We quickly realized that much of the wonder was lost, and that it could be regained by turning to the source of the magic that is the “Land of the Nile” – to Egyptians themselves.

As we kept coming back to Egypt independently we developed the idea of bringing the freedom, cost-savings and rich experiences which come with engaging locals in independent travel to others. These are the origins of Egyptian Sidekick, a non-profit network for sustainable tourism in-and-around Cairo & Lower Egypt.

Milosz Zak
JD Candidate, MA, BAH PoliSci. Econ.
Osgoode Hall Law School | York University, Toronto, Guelph

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Jan Zak
Student of Medicine, MSc, BScH Med. Biophysics
Jagiellonian University | Toronto Univ., Univ. of Guelph

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Waleed Ali
BA, Tourism & Hotels | Tour Agency & Tour Guide License
South Valley University, Upper Egypt
Upper Egypt/Logistics

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Jaime Davila
Backpacker & Traveller Extraordinaire
Owner/Writer of Breakaway Backpacker

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It is our goal to help travelers escape the stress, hassle, regular stops at souvenir shops and the expense of constant tipping while traveling in Egypt. You will discover that the benefits of an authentic, local experience extend far beyond the wallet.

We believe travelers have the right to sight-see on their own terms with complete supervision, language, transportation and transaction support – see and do much more with their time in Egypt, all while staying on budget.

By engaging locals you avoid the constraints of the mass tourism model, while maximizing your experiences on the ground – at the same time providing your chaperones with a fair return. With an Egyptian Sidekick you will discover a different, better Egypt.