Ben Ezra Synagogue


The Ben Ezra synagogue is one of the oldest remaining in Egypt. Originally built on the site of a collapsed 4th century Coptic church, the site was purchased about 500 years later by Cairo’s Jewish community for 20,000 dinars. Legend has it as the site of Moses’s rescue from the Nile; however, the river runs more to the West nowadays. The synagogue has since been superbly restored, and is a highlight of any tour of Coptic Cairo.

Synthesis of Styles
The synagogue is a mixture of classical, Coptic Christian, and Ottoman styles prevalent in Egypt during its construction. Intricate patterns in wood and stone are brilliantly illuminated by a dozen low-hanging lanterns.

Torah Platform
The platform from which Jewish religious elders conduct prayers is a masterpiece of Jewish religious art. It is combination of gold-leaf and carved marble which serves as a centrepiece of prayers during readings of the Torah.

Cause for Destruction
The destruction of the synagogue in 1967 by Arabs came after Israel’s pre-emptive attack on its neighbours. Egypt’s President Abdul Nasser had been mobilizing and coordinating with Jordan and Syria to attack Israel. Modern historians fault all sides for the start of the Six-Day War, but cannot attribute it to Israel or Egypt alone.

  • The Synagogue is open to the public free of charge.
  • Ben Ezra Syn.  FREE
 ISIC Student Card
  • Not Necessary

  • Approx. (MIN)20 
  • Torah Platform
  • No Cameras Allowed
  • Shade Available
  • Leisurely walkabout
  • Close to Coptic Mus.
  • Driver will park/wait

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