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Crossing the Nile by Ferry in Luxor

Crossing the Nile by Ferry

The article was written by Polish archaeologist Kamil Zachert, first appearing in Polish on the Polski Egipcjanin travel & lifestyle blog. Getting to the other side of the Nile in Luxor should not be...

Egyptian Sidekick Faces of Egypt in Aswan

The Faces of Egypt in Aswan

The filmmaker extraordinaire, Abdelrahman Gabr, captures a special kind of beauty in Egypt’s Aswan. Located in Egypt’s Nubia, the city is an incredible place of ethnic diversity – with Egyptians and Nubians living alongside...

Glassmakers Egypt

The Glassmakers of Egypt

Glassmakers may be a dying breed, yet far from being extinct. They nevertheless remind us that the Egypt of today isn’t just pyramids and sand. For the most part, glassmakers, and glassmaking generally, has...