Egypt Travel Bloggers Guide


In order to recognize the adventures and contributions of travel bloggers from around the world to the cause of independent travel to Egypt, Egyptian Sidekick has put together a list of those who can be counted amongst the best and most thorough reporters of travel to the country.

If you are just interested in the list, see the list summary:

Although the determinants for the best Egypt travel bloggers out there are fluid and variable, the following have distinguished themselves through a combination of riveting writing, superb photography, the thoroughness of their travel reportage, and the themes they had chosen to focus on while traveling through Egypt.

The Voyageur

The Paris-based Pauline is the face behind The Voyageur photography and travel blog. Her keen eye for beauty, balance of colour and perspective, and thorough reportage of the country makes her one of the best Egypt travel bloggers out there.

Pause the Moment

Ryan Gargiulo and his blog Pause the Moment, provide some of the most thorough and well-crafted stories and photography on traveling through Egypt. His harrowing adventure in the desert should not be missed.

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika The Traveller provides us with a refreshing look at Egypt’s male-dominated culture. Her expose of unsavory treatment females may experience from Egyptian men shows us why Egypt still has a long way to go, and why respect is a must.


Mark Wiens is the traveler extraordinaire behind the Migrationology food and travel blog. Mark takes us on a journey through Egypt’s streets, sharing with us his first-hand experiences with Egyptian food, markets, and local communities.

Breakaway Backpacker

Jaime is the quintessential Breakaway Backpacker, contributor to Egyptian Sidekick, and a reporter of events following the 2011 revolution. His focus on street art, relationships on the road, and Egypt’s natural allure puts him at the top.

The Vintage Postcard

The incredibly colourful adventures of the Toronto-based Alli of the Vintage Postcard showcase the country with fun, high-resolution photography, and riveting tales of the peculiarities of modern Egyptian culture.

Roaming Around The World

John and Heather of Roaming Around the World show us that there is a fine line between luxury and budget travel in Egypt. Nile cruises, pyramids, and the Red Sea are their highlights.

Uncornered Market

Audrey Scott and husband Daniel Noll of Uncornered Market dazzle with spectacular 360 degree photography, thorough travel guides, and snapshots of everyday Egyptians. You will be hard-pressed to find a more thorough reportage on travel to Egypt.

Solo Female Traveler

The brave Sabina of Solo Female Traveler proves to us that Egypt is safe for tourists, and female travelers traveling alone. Her blog means to edcate about travel, and inform us about useful resources female travelers can engage.

Endless Roads

Urska Furlan of the Endless Roads travel blog serves a feast of HD photography, with a unique expose of Sinai wildlife, specifically wild camels, hikes up Mount Sinai, and the colourful canyons of Egypt’s Red Sea resort towns.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

The incredible hiker and real-life “Lawrence of Arabia” is Ben Hoffler, the pen and eye behind Go Tell It On The Mountain. Ben’s hikes in one of Egypt’s most forbidding deserts have been turned into the, “Sinai: The Trekking Guide”.

Heart My Backpack

Sylvia and Alicia of Heart My Backpack traveled to Egypt during its toughest, most uncertain period in generations, only to find a country ideally open and accessible for independent tourists. Follow them on their adventure!

True Nomads

Desert oases, ancient history, and underwater wrecks are the focus of Justin Carmack and his blog, True Nomads. With particular focus on Dahab and the Nile Valley’s incredible ancient heritage, this photography and travel blog is a must.

Bemused Backpacker

Michael Huxley of Bemused Backpacker is an extraordinary force. Having turned his adventures into books and travel guides, his reportage on culture, etiquette and what to see and do in Egypt is helpful in more ways that one.

Its All Bee

Bianca Malata of the Its All Bee pays particular attention to Egypt’s Red Sea, and the many activities adventure travelers and beach vacationers alike can engage in. Thorough reportage and excellent photography place this blog at the top.


Matt Long is the intrepid globetrotter behind the LandLopers travel blog. His extensive write-ups on organized touring shows us the benefits of opting for hybrid options versus instead going for either the independent or organized tour extremes.


The backpacking couple behind the Lunaguava travel blog share with us photos and experiences from the souks of Islamic Cairo, and all right before the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Prepare to be dazzled with that perfect old-world feel.

Sarah Darkis

Sarah Darkis tackles that ever-lingering question that comes up whenever someone brings up travel to Egypt – is it safe? Her travel blog shows us the lengths that authorities and tour operators go to ensure the safety of travelers.

yTravel Blog

The traveling family at yTravel Blog couldn’t leave Egypt out of their travel plans. Keen observers, Caz and Craig quickly picked up on Egypt’s culture of tipping and gave us their opinion on what it does to the country’s touristic sites.

Journey Wonders

The face behind the Journey Wonders travel blog, Raphael Zoren writes about his Egyptian experiences. Tough sales-pitches from camel drivers and touts selling souvenirs are a perennial problem, and although comically framed, present a real problem.

The Whole World is a Playground

The Whole World is a Playground blog, authored by interpid traveler Elaine shows us the wonders of the Giza Plateau with fun and stunning photography and useful travel tips. Other, location-tailored posts, showcase the rest of the country as well.

Tales From Over the Horizon

Tales From Over the Horizon blog and its author, Zoe Byrne transport us into the wonderful world of ancient Egypt with, a special focus on the Mount Sinai, the pyramids of the Nile’s West bank, and the funerary complexes of Egypt’s Old Kingdom.

Roaming Renegades

The couple behind the Roaming Renegades blog made it to Egypt, and some of its more inaccessible, and less-visited archaeological sites in Upper Egypt. Join them as they travel the world and bring you stories full of adventure.

Latitude 34

Jeff and Marina of the Latitude 34 travel blog showcase Egypt through their amazing photos and classic adventures, and show us just how much fun a trip to the Giza pyramids can be in the late hours of the day.


The list is in no way an exhaustive compilation of Egypt travel bloggers, but it is a collection of some of the best English-language travel blogs with a strong focus on travel to Egypt. Should you come across one that is missing from our list, bring it to our attention and we will assess whether it should be added.

Have we missed one?