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…Dendera is famous for its surviving paint, controversial carvings, and depictions of the famous Cleopatra.Milosz Zak

We are happy to announce the addition of the Dendera & Abydos Tour. This is an excursion from Luxor in Upper Egypt to the famous temple complex and archaeological site of the cult of Hathor. The site has been active since the pyramid-age and had its Golden Age during the Greco-Roman period. Located on the West Bank of the Nile, Dendera contains several chapels to various facets of the worship of the goddess Hathor. The cow-horned, and often headed deity was the equivalent of Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Dendera is famous for its surviving paint, controversial carvings, and depictions of the famous Cleopatra. Several Roman emperors have also added to the site to ingratiate themselves with the native Egyptian population. After the many sites of Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, Dendera is a great day-trip from Luxor, and will add a unique perspective on Egypt in the time of the Romans and the illustrious Cleopatra VII.

The area around Dendera is fairly deserted, with only a few agricultural settlements. Archaeologists speculate that much remains buried in the sands of the desert. Digs have not been popular on the site mainly because of focus of the international community at other important sites, and the limited resources of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. Dendera had been ‘ransacked’ during the Renaissance by European treasure hunters and collectors, who removed the famous Dendera Zodiac, which is now in the Louvre, in Paris. The Zodiac is an unusual piece of carving, depicting constellations in a circular format, unique for the ancient Egyptian religious convention of depicting the heavens in a more linear fashion. Visits are highly recommended for the early morning or the late afternoon, when shadows reveal the beauty of the temple hieroglyphs.

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Culturally, the area is invaluable to world history and archaeology…Milosz Zak

Painstaking effort has been made to preserve the site. Work both on the temple and chapel exteriors and interiors have made a visible difference. The trip from Downtown Luxor takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, each way. The cities of Luxor and Dendera are connected by a modern highway, with little traffic. On this tour to Dendera, your Sidekick and driver are able to take up to 3 travelers, and then in increments of vehicle seating after that.

The region, and the city of Luxor, is one of Egypt’s most important locations, especially in terms of tourism. Culturally, the area is invaluable to world history and archaeology, yielding new fiends every year. The city’s historical legacy, and the places of interest which have survived millennia make it equally important to that of the capital Cairo and its Giza pyramids in Lower Egypt. Much of the sites are found on the West bank of the Nile, with many spectacular tombs buried deep, and accessible, in the nearby cliffs and valleys.




…Dendera, Abydos and Luxor are cities which harken back to the ancient way of tilling the soil..e.Milosz Zak

Travelers to Dendera will depart in the mid-to-early morning, between 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM, or at your choosing, and be driven to the site. If you had chosen to book Abydos as well, your tour will then proceed northwards. Modern infrastructure connects downtown Luxor with the temples and tombs of the West bank both at Dendera and Abydos. Numerous, picturesque irrigation canals and fields criss-cross the route.

Although sightseeing itineraries can be tailored to whatever travelers wish to see, Dendera, Abydos and Luxor are cities which harken back to the ancient way of tilling the soil, and the fantastic monuments of the pharaonic age. At Egyptian Sidekick, we pride ourselves on our complete flexibility and flat rates, making $140 USD for up to 3 individuals the best tour offer out there for Dendera.


Upper Egypt includes Luxor, the fantastic temples of Dendera and Abydos North of Luxor, and Aswan in Egypt’s Nubia. The temples of Abu Simbel located on Lake Nasser are toured through a day trip from Aswan. Although the trip to Abu Simbel does not require a local guide, your Sidekick and driver will accompany you in Luxor, Dendera & Abydos, and in Aswan.

Mansour is a native of Luxor, living on the peaceful West bank of the Nile, and has many years of guiding experience in-and-around Luxor, Dendera and Abydos, as well as Aswan in Nubia. If you are looking for an authentic, local experience with someone who is both knowledgeable and eloquent, having Mansour as your Egyptian Sidekick is bound to be an incredible experience.

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This near-intact temple of the goddess Hathor from the Greco-Roman period was built by the Roman emperor Tiberius, but the site had been an active religious centre as early as the reign of pharaoh Khufu. The complex is very much intact, with brilliant blue paint on its column tops and ceilings. Dendera is famous for its wall carvings featuring the ancient Egyptian zodiac. The Dendera Zodiac, a circular stone relief is in the Louvre, in Paris. Dendera is also famous among fringe historians for a wall depiction of a supposed electrical lighting system, complete with a lightbulb and power cords. Egyptologists claim Egyptian deities hold eggplants instead.


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Milosz Zak

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