The Faces of Egypt in Aswan

an incredible place of ethnic diversity – with Egyptians and Nubians living alongside each other.Milosz Zak

The filmmaker extraordinaire, Abdelrahman Gabr, captures a special kind of beauty in Egypt’s Aswan. Located in Egypt’s Nubia, the city is an incredible place of ethnic diversity – with Egyptians and Nubians living alongside each other. Aswan and its environs serve as an incredible backdrop, both in its unspoiled beauty and old-world heritage. Through his work, Abdelrahman reminds us that Egypt is not ethnically monolithic, but instead a diverse patchwork of African Egyptians, Nile Valley Egyptians, Arabians, Greeks and many others. Long stereotyped as the land of the pharaohs, modern Egypt and its people are fascinating in their own right. While filming EGYPT HD, an earlier short-film, Abdelrahman and his team encountered remarkable hospitality, prompting him to document the people he met throughout his journey. Abdelrahman is half Korean and Half Egyptian, born in Queens, New York. He is now based in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt. He is the founder of Qube Productions and Koree Films.

As a filmmaker and photographer, Abdelrahman has inspired thousands with his engaging style, subjects, and work with a range of media. Although his work has a strong commercial side, his artistry is most evident in his features of Egypt, and its ancient, natural, and urban landscapes. His expose of the faces of Egypt is an artistic feat that showcases the people and the lives they lead.

The filmmaker wishes to capture in print not only the people of Southern Egypt, but also those in Egypt’s deserts, Nile Valley, and urban centers.Milosz Zak

To film his expose on the faces of Egypt in Aswan, Abdelrahman Gabr used a Leica S system – medium format camera that is both compact and robust. In addition, he employed the 35mm and 70mm Summarit Aspherical lenses. Abdelrahman remarks that the ergonomics of the hand grip are amazing, allowing the photographer to move around easily – especially in poor environmental conditions.

The Faces of Egypt

In this film, Abdelrahman chronicles his work on a print photography publication. Titled, the Faces of Egypt, Abdelrahman travels to Aswan – one of modern Egypt’s most southernmost outposts. The film was shot in Gharb Soheil, the Western shore of Aswan, South of Kitchener’s Island. Other locations include Heissa Island, located in between the Aswan High Dam and the Dam built by the British. The filmmaker wishes to capture in print not only the people of Southern Egypt, but also those in Egypt’s deserts, Nile Valley, and urban centers.

Abdelrahman has becomes especially famous in the film community after the release of Egypt HD, a short 3-minute spot on Egypt’s beautiful settlements, deserts, and ancient sites. His upcoming project, Faces of Egypt means to showcase the incredible people of the country, and who are the heart, the soul, and the custodians of one of the world’s oldest civilization. Abdelrahman’s short films come at a critical time for Egypt which seeks to revive tourism and deal with youth unemployment and an otherwise struggling economy.

Abdelrahman Gabr
Cinematographer, Director & Photographer
Fayrouzat Somuha Building 5, Apt #803, Alexandria
Phone: +20 (122) 221-4063

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Filming in a climate such as that of Egypt requires a lot of sweat and tears. Abdelrahman and his team had to scout out locations and people in the early mornings, manage their equipment and data, and only long afterwards, process the raw footage into what we see today. The Koree Films equipment for the shoot consisted of medium-format camera and lenses known as the Leica S system, specifically, the Leica Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5 ASPH CS Lens, and the Leica Summarit-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH Lens.

Some of the light gear used on the shoots included the Profoto Pro-B3 1200 AirS Power Pack, the Profoto Pro-B Plus Flash Head, the Elinchrom 39 Rotalux Deep OctaBox, the Elinchrom Octa Light Bank 74, and the Avenger Turtle Base C-Stand. Any professional filmmaker and photographer knows that lighting is the one factor that can make or break a field expedition. We can all consider ourselves fortunate that Abdelrahman’s experience in Egypt led to such expert execution of the sights, culture, and daily life in Egypt.

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Milosz Zak

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