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Fayoum Oasis Tour

$160 Per Group / Trip

The Full-Day Fayoum Oasis Tour takes you to Wadi Al-Hitan and Al-Rayan, the Valleys of the Whales and Waterfalls.



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 Who Are We?

Egyptian Sidekick is a non-profit, fair-tourism network of English-speaking, Egyptian university students, local guides and their international friends. At Egyptian Sidekick, we facilitate personalized sightseeing and cultural experiences in-and-around Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan in Egypt, providing maximum flexibility for all travelers at a low, flat daily rate.

Which Sidekick is right for you?

Fayoum Oasis Full-Day Tour
Wadi Al-Hitan & Wadi Al-Rayan in the Fayoum Oasis
We guarantee a professional and hassle-free experience
Your Sidekick will meet you at your hotel or residence
Sites open at 8:00 AM and close at 4:30 PM each day
You are welcome to stop for food & drink, or to shop


Egyptian Sidekick Fayoum Oasis Tour Only

Egyptian Sidekick Fayoum Oasis Hitan Rayan

 What’s Included?
  • 1 Sidekick & Driver(s)
  • A/C Transportation
  • Complete Supervision
  • Unlimited Sightseeing & Travel
  • Full-Day Availability
  • Wadi Al-Hitan & Al-Rayan
  • 7 AM to 8 AM Start Times
  • Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Gratuities

 What’s Excluded?
  • Site Admission
  • Food & Drink

 ISIC Student Card
  • Discount25-53% 

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Itineraries & FAQs

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This tour exclusively covers the Valley of the Whales and the Valley of the Waterfalls in the Fayoum Oasis, located South of Cairo. These two locations are called Wadi Al-Hitan and Wadi Al-Rayan. There are many other optional sites along the way, such as the Meidum pyramid, lake Qaroun, the Hawara pyramid, and many others.

  • Please note that site admission is charged in Egyptian Pounds (EGP) by site authorities at each location.
  • A discount between 25-53% off the regular price of admission applies at most sites for students with a valid ISIC student card.

Egyptian Sidekick Fayoum Tour Motto

Wadi Al-Hitan National Park

This Wadi, or ‘oasis’ is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on account of the whale bones scattered all about. The skeletons are remarkably preserved and attest to the presence of an ancient Ocean right where there is now nothing but picturesque desert. The fossils, and the adjoining museum of climate change are an extremely progressive exhibit for a country like Egypt which has consistently prioritized economic growth and development over sustainable approaches.

Wadi Al-Rayan Protected Area

The Wadi Al-Rayan Protected Area, is a series of lakes, rivers, wetlands, and most notably – waterfalls. With the ‘magic mountain’ to the West, lake Qaroun to the North, the area is a birth watcher’s paradise. The whole area is a natural depression in the desert and has been exploited for agricultural purposes. if you are looking to get a glimpse of authentic Egyptian life, farming, fishing, and experience natural contrasts of the desert and the arable land, this area will not disappoint.

Looking for answers to common questions?

Looking for a complete list of Admission Rates?

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