Top 35 Instagram accounts to get closer to Egypt

…a perfect platform to chart the lives… hopes and dreams of young Egyptians.Chris Upton

Instagram is fast becoming a perfect platform to chart the lives of locals worldwide, and especially the hopes and dreams of young Egyptians. See the magic and wonder captured in these top 35 Instagram accounts that bring you that much closer to Egypt. Everything from street life, beach life, architecture, religious mysticism, and ancient wonder.

A list such as this is hardly exhaustive. It is clear, however, from the photos of these amazing 35 persons and organizations, that Egypt is a special destination. Deciding what is in any top 35 list is hardly an easy task. If you believe that there is an account which shares the beauty of Egypt out there that deserves the spotlight let us know. The beauty, and frustration of social media is its constant evolution.

Top 35 Instagram Accounts

A keen observer of life in Cairo, a metropolis of contrasts, and its many hopeful moments.

A photo posted by Mohsen (@mo7sensa3eed) on

2Islam M Ahmed
A great photographer, with a stunning eye for proportion and Egyptian life.

#cairo #egypt #everydaycairo #everydayegypt #islamic_cairo #chandalier

A photo posted by @islamabdulkader on

3Mustafa Sharara
Silhouettes and symmetry, and a focus on Egypt’s more mountainous regions and deserts.

Dahab enlightenment.

A photo posted by Mustafa Sharara (@mustafasharara) on

4Karim El Hayawan
Egypt’s strong relationship with the seas, both Mediterranean and Red, figure significantly.

5Everyday Egypt
A cross-section of ordinary Egyptian life, and its many curious contexts and circumstances.

6Ahmad Lotfy
Ahmad’s shots capture street life, cars, and many of Lower Egypt’s top places to visit.

A photo posted by AhmadLotfy (@elkoshy) on

7Omar Samra
This world traveler isn’t just exclusive to Egypt. Follow Omar on his global adventures.

A photo posted by Omar Samra (@omarsamra) on

8Kamil Zachert
Fun in the sun, life in Luxor, and all those things that make Egypt a top archaeological destination.

9Ali Hamed
Ali has an eye for symmetry, complexity, and Egypt’s contemporary, urban architecture.

A photo posted by Ali Hamed. (@alisphotos) on

10Nour Ammar
Egypt’s urban gems, residences, streets and vehicles, and what most miss entirely.

A photo posted by Nour Ammar (@nour_el_din) on

11Architecture Egypt
Exactly what you’d expect. Buildings from various time periods through Egypt.

Follow her adventures, and those of her kids as they travel throughout Egypt.

A photo posted by nohazayed (@nohazayed) on

13Egypt Represent
See the colours of Egypt through the lenses and filters of travelers and locals.

14Nour Kamel
The beautiful Nour travels throughout Egypt and the countries of North Africa.

15My Egypt
Literally everything you’d expect to trigger wanderlust and a desire to travel to Egypt.

A photo posted by #MyEgypt (@my.egypt) on

16Raad Nile
Capturing intricate detail amongst Egypt’s fantastic urban decline is a strength.

Photos and videos harkening back to the days of classic Egypt, and photography.

18Nada Borhan
Exploration is this account’s motto. Nada revels in the geometric beauty of Islam.

A photo posted by Nada Borhan (@nadaborhan) on

19Qubbetel Hawa
Ancient archaeology, landscapes and many classic shots are a heavy focus.

20Christina Rizk
Rural Egypt, daily life in the city, and many uplifting moments on the streets.

21Nathalie Maher
Perspective, and light are a strength of Nathalie’s, follow her on her many travels.

22Backpacking Egypt
AIESEC’s initiative for youth – backpacking across Egypt’s vast, dry expanse.

23Ziad Eladawy
Egypt, its beaches, the pyramids, and other world travels are Ziad’s speciality.

A photo posted by Ziad Eladawy (@zedawy) on

24Ahmed Haggagovic
This incredible travel professional carries the Egyptian flag everywhere he goes.

A photo posted by Ahmed Haggagovic (@haggagovic) on

25Gopro Egypt
Egypt has experienced its very own GoPro revolution. Bring on the selfie stick!

The grey, yet at the same time, beautiful side of life in the port city of Alexandria.

A photo posted by LeNaggar (@lenaggar) on

Mosques, Souks, and Cairo’s incredible old-world feel. A strong focus on nigh-time.

28Om El Donia
Sweeping panoramas, camels, and Egyptians figure greatly in this incredible account.

A photo posted by Om El Donia (@egyptgeo) on

29Breakaway Backpacker
Jaime of Breakaway Backpacker captured the Egyptian revolution, and its street art.

30Mahmoud Khaled
Egyptians themselves, their hard lives, and the revolution all figure greatly.

A photo posted by Mahmoud Khaled (@moodkhaled) on

31Daily Egypt Pictures
Egypt’s outdoor, and indoor wealth are the focus of this bright and gilded account.

32Owise Abuzaid
Commutes, commerce, and the grittier side of everyday life, captured in stills.

A photo posted by Owise Abuzaid (@owiseabuzaid) on

33Hadeer Mahmoud
This photo-journalist, working for a Cairo-based newspaper, is simply incredible.

34Vintage Egyptologist
A most unusual fashion account, actually set around Egypt. Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile’ anyone?

35Alex On Foot
Alexandria, a city of learning and the Mediterranean. It is a veritable colonial gem.

A photo posted by Alex On Foot (@alexonfoot) on

Know of a great Instagram account for Egypt?

Chris Upton

Chris is a native of Toronto, and a scholar at heart who only recently caught the travel bug. He teaches and studies part-time at the universities of Guelph and York and has lent his expertise in industrial organizational psychology to streamline the experience at Egyptian Sidekick.


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